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    How Does EZCAD2 Use Splitmark2?

    The SplitMark2 function of EZCAD2 software is an extended function for X, or X and Y axis. Generally used with modules.

    1. What is a module?
    The automatic linear movement of the workpiece is realized by the motor drive. Through the combination of multi-directional axes, the motion actuator on the equipment is formed. When using this product, the marking range can be further expanded.



    2. Introduction to the functions of the software
    1)Pul per round:This should be the same as the drive value, we use 3200 by default.
    2)Dist per round:This refers to the distance that the screw moves on the horizontal plane after one revolution, and the unit is millimeters.
    3)IDBy selecting X, Y, to represent the installation direction of the module
    4)ZERODon't choose here, we are using NPN normally open photoelectric switch.
    Scale Comp:The default value is 1. When there is a gap in the splicing, change it to a number less than 1. When there is an overlap in the splicing, change it to greater than 1, for example, 1.01.



    3. Debugging of SplitMark2 function
    Split Size:The default value is 5, which means that the graphics larger than 5mm are divided into 5mm pieces and stitched and marked. When using the rotary axis to mark, the parameter is changed to 0.1.


  • Red Light Correction Method

    1. Draw a 50X50mm rectangle within the marking area, and then click to "Put to origin"

    Put to origin

    2. Use a flat piece of material for marking, and the marking effect is subject to be able to see clearly. After marking, the product does not move, and then click the red light indicator
    Put to origin1


    3. In the above picture, the black line represents the actual position after marking, and the red line is the position of red light pointer. It can be seen that there is a deviation between the position of Red light indicator and the position of actual marking. The position of the red indicator light is shifted to the upper right.
    4. Click the F3 parameter, then click other, and then click the red light pointer.
    F3 parameter

    Find the offset pos X and offset pos Y options. These two positions are used to adjust the red light offset position, and the unit is millimeters.
    The following are examples of adjustment methods:
    In the second picture, we can visually observe that the red light is offset by 1mm to the right and 1mm upwards. Then we need to reduce the values of X and Y so that the red box can move to the left and down. Here, offset pos X needs to be filled in -1 ( Because the value itself is already 0, the calculation method here is to add or subtract the offset value from the original value), offset pos Y also needs to be filled in -1.
    The offset pos X and offset pos Y here support a two-dimensional coordinate system. If you want the position of red light pointer to go to the right and up, the number will increase, and vice versa.
  • Precautions for CNC Router Engraving Metal

    Generally speaking, the 4.5kw spindle can engrave steel plates. Although the engraving machine can engrave harder materials,  it may not be able to engrave the material perfectly,if the stability of the machine is insufficient. If you want to engrave aluminum plates, a 1.5kw advertising engraving machine is enough.
    Pay More attention to a few points when engraving metal
    1. The transmission of CNC Router must be stable, linear guide rail and ball screw drive are required, otherwise it will cause ripples in the product.
    2.Coolant should be added when engraving materials on the machine to ensure that the tool can be cooled uninterruptedly
    3.The depth of each cutting, no more than 0.5mm
    4.We need to be well protected, the tool may break at any time, causing harm to us!
  • What is the Gray Balance in UV Printer?

    To make the uv printer complete the correct reproduction of the color, the gray balance must be ensured. If the gray scale is slightly out of balance, there will be defects such as color cast and color skipping, and the entire picture will be uncoordinated. Gray balance occupies an important position in the uv printing process. It is the foundation of high-quality printing and the core of data processing.
    According to the principle of subtractive color of the three primary colors, the superposition of the three colors C, M, and Y with the maximum saturation should be black. In the same way, the three primary color inks of different saturations overlap in equal amounts, and grays of different brightness should also be produced. However, due to the actual use of ink, there are still insurmountable defects in ink manufacturing in terms of hue, saturation, and brightness. The three primary colors of the ink cannot be superimposed to obtain a neutral gray. To solve this problem, four-color gray was later proposed, namely C, M, Y, and K to reflect gray. K's participation is to make up for the defect of bad black when the three colors are superimposed. Monochrome black reflects gray. Due to the strong graininess of printing or printing, it is not suitable for scenes with delicate effects, such as printing precision advertisements on UV printers.
    There are many factors that affect gray balance. For uv printers, especially uv flatbed printers that handle a variety of printing materials, we focus on the characteristics of ink and printing materials. The inks produced by different ink manufacturers have different gray balance relationships. The drying speed and gloss of the ink are different. The viscosity, rheological properties and thickness of the ink will affect the color reproduction of the original. Regarding printing materials, different materials can have greater differences in the color rendering of the same ink. The smoothness, absorption characteristics, gloss, opacity and pH of the material will affect the correct expression of gray balance. Of course, other factors such as printing speed, accuracy, and print head quality are also factors that affect gray balance. Grayscale printing can save ink, and can also make the printed image more delicate and enhance the display power of the picture. Hua Hong Digital is the first uv printer manufacturer to introduce Ricoh and Kyocera nozzles into professional uv printers. Based on the results of long-term research on Ricoh and Kyocera printheads, a lot of resources have been invested in the research of grayscale printing, and the Kyocera printhead multi-level grayscale inkjet technology has been developed and successfully used in various projects.
    gray balance
  • Why is UV Printer Called Universal Printer

    UV printers are more and more widely used in various industries. The use of UV printers is not uncommon in industries such as advertising, home improvement, crafts processing, packaging, and digital housing. As we all know, UV printers can print beautiful patterns on any flat products. If you want a more three-dimensional effect, can UV printers achieve it?

    The UV printer known as the "universal printer" can of course!

    The artistic expression of multicolored reliefs is diverse, which is the innovative charm of the combination of traditional carving crafts and colorful painting crafts. Relief is a sculptural effect, showing the feeling of unevenness on the surface of the object. Products with embossed effect. The picture has clear layers, stronger three-dimensional feeling, smooth touch, delicate hand feeling, and the embossing effect can highlight the highlights of the product. , Add product features. This unique effect cannot be achieved by other types of printers, only uv printers can achieve.
    UV printers
  • What Materials Can UV Printers Print?

    There are hundreds of materials that uv printers can print, such as acrylic; glass; ceramic tiles; wood panels; metal plates; leather; wallpaper; yoga mats; non-woven fabrics; oil paintings and so on. Some materials need to be sprayed with coatings, such as ceramic tiles and glass. The effect of coatings makes the pattern’s adhesion better. The print format size of uv printers is also divided into several types. At present, the customer groups of uv printer sizes on the market are mostly 2513, 2035, 2530, A3, A3+, and other special size models can also be customized. Among them, A3+ is Our main models are mainly used for teaching and home use.

    UV printer product application involves industries

    ● Advertising industry: signage, POP products, advertising products, exhibition props
    ● Home construction: decorative glass, sliding door cabinets, ceilings, background curtain walls, environmental protection UV decorative panels, decorative lamps
    ● Image products and decorative paintings: decorative oil paintings, leather products, 3D decorative paintings, photo frames, wedding images
    ● Electronic appliances: home appliance panels, membrane switches, personalized color shells
    ● Gifts and packaging: customized gifts, stationery toys, packaging products
    UV printer can also be said to be a universal printer, which can print a lot of things
  • Is HantenCNC a Legal Company?

    We are a high-tech company which dedicated to promoting laser equipment home useHantenCNC, HantenLaser, HantenUVP are our registered trademarks.

    It can be checked in the following ways:
    1.We have our own website with all our contact information.
    2.You can check our company on the Chinese website.
    3.Our equipment is sold to more than 30 countries around the world. Maybe your friends have our equipment, you can inspect it on site.
    4.We have an independent after-sales system, you can contact us at any time before and after the purchase, we will provide 7X24 hours of service.
    5.Our data has a complete record in the customs, you can inquire at any time

  • What Should I Do If the Software Prompts ‘Can Not Find Dog!’?

    The prompt "Can not find dog! soft will work at demo state" is often displayed on the screen When we are using EZCAD2. What should I do when this prompt appears?
    Can not find dog

    1. First of all, We should check whether the driver has been installed. If the driver is not installed, there will be a prompt of USBLMCin the device manager. We only need to install the driver according to the steps in the JCZ manual.

    2. It is necessary to consider the problem of interference. If this prompt still appears after installing the driver. At present, the standard filter in the marking machine can solve most of the interference problems.

    3.Check if the ground wire of the whole machine is in good contact

    4.Replace the USB cable

    The above answer is all the solution to solve the problem of "Can not find dog! soft will work at demo state", If there are any problems, please contact us




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