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Co2 Laser Engraving Machine

Knowing that you are interested in Co2 Laser Engraving Machine, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
What are the advantages of CO2 laser marking machine for processing leather?
Now the marking of products has become an indispensable process in manufacturing. Nowadays, more and more industries and products have applied laser marking machines. The use of laser marking can leave permanent marks on products, and the speed of laser marking is fast, high efficiency, not only imp
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Application of Laser Engraving Machine Engraving Technology in Leather Textile Industry
As a brand-new processing method, laser engraving processing has gradually been widely used in the leather, textile and garment industries due to its advantages of accurate processing, fast processing, simple operation and high degree of automation.
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CO2 laser
CO2 laser is a kind of molecular laser, mainly using CO2 gas molecules, the wavelength is generally 10.6um, it belongs to infrared band thermal laser.Common CO2 lasers are divided into glass tube CO2 lasers and metal RF tube CO2 lasers
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Is There Any Difference Between Laser Marking Machine and Laser Engraving Machine?
Let's discuss the difference between laser engraving machine and laser marking machine
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Non-metal Laser Marking Machine Marking Photos to Record Beautiful Moments
Do you have this kind of worry? What should I do if the taken photos are lost due to data loss or have been washed out for a long time and faded?HANTENCNC recommends a suitable machine to make your photos never fadeLaser marking photos, let happiness last forever!
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The Essential Difference Between Laser Marking Machine and Laser Engraving Machine
Many new friends always have the question "What is the difference between a laser marking machine and a laser engraving machine?" "Why can both of them mark, deep engrave, and cut?"Next, I will explain to you the difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine.
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The Working Principle and Use of Laser Engraving Machine
Dot matrix engraving resembles high-definition dot matrix printing. The laser head swings left and right to engrave a line consisting of a series of dots each time, and then the laser head moves up and down to engrave multiple lines at the same time, and finally constitutes a full-page image or text. The scanned graphics, text and vectorized graphics can all be engraved by dot matrix. Vector cutting is different from dot matrix engraving, vector cutting is performed on the outer contour of the graphic.
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