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Laser marking machine for engraving

These articles are all highly relevant Laser marking machine for engraving. I believe this information can help you understand Laser marking machine for engraving's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
Have You ever Understood the Installation Problem of the Laser Marking Machine?
Laser marking machines can be used in many places, but there are also some working environments where laser marking machines cannot be used. Please pay attention when installing them. Next, let's take a look at the installation matters of the laser marking machine with me
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Application of Laser Marking Technology in Mobile Phone Camera Module Industry
The application of laser marking technology in the mobile phone camera module industry: mobile phones are indispensable tools in life, such as communication and photography. Often, phone makers use camera functionality as an important selling point, which shows the importance of camera functionality in the market.
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The Reason Why the Laser Marking Machine Adopts Water Cooling
Because when processing the substrate, the surface formed by the laser at high temperature needs to be processed by evaporation or melting of the substrate. However, high temperature must be reached during processing, but this high temperature is very unfavorable to the whole machine. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate high temperature in time for rapid cooling.
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How about the Performance Characteristics of the Laser Marking Machine?
Many material surfaces need to be printed with icons. At this time, the laser marking machine has become a very important equipment. When using this device, its performance characteristics also need to be understood. Only when the performance characteristics of the product are clear can it be better applied in work.
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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Wine Industry
The laser marking machine has an extremely thin beam, which can form thin line traces on the surface of the material, and the line width can reach 0.1 mm. The marking lines are clear, long-lasting and beautiful. The marking content engraved by laser marking technology has strong anti-counterfeiting property to a certain extent, and the marking content is irreversible. Persistence: Changes in the environment will not make the marking mark fade. Using it on products that require anti-counterfeiting features is more likely to make consumers feel more trustworthy. For the highly competitive wine industry, this is undoubtedly not a favorable processing method.
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Laser Marking Machine Marking Table Tennis Racket
A racket is to table tennis lovers what a sushi knife is to a sushi chef. Every table tennis lover will want to have a custom racket that is unique to them. The emergence of laser marking technology has fulfilled the wishes of enthusiasts, as long as the patterns and characters are drawn, under the control of the computer, the laser marking machine can print various graphics, characters and symbols on the table tennis racket, and the operation is very convenient.
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How to Adjust the Focal Length of the Galvanometer Laser Marking Machine?
I believe that many customers have encountered the problem that the galvanometer laser welding machine will not adjust the focal length, and they do not know what kind of laser intensity the galvanometer laser welding machine is welding under the galvanometer.
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What is the General Price of Ceramic Laser Marking Machine?
Ceramic laser marking machine refers to a laser marking machine that processes and operates on the material of ceramics. It can meet customer requirements and mark satisfactory patterns. With the improvement of living standards, everyone has higher requirements for material living standards.
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The Role of Laser Scanning Galvanometer
Laser scanning galvanometer, also known as marking head, is an important component of laser marking machine. The laser marking machine is a low-power laser, and its working principle is: the input graphics pass through the scanner or the graphics or text designed by yourself in the computer, and under the management and control of the computer, the patterns are encoded by digital signals (line and Field direction), then digital-to-analog D/A conversion and analog-to-digital A/D conversion are performed, and then amplified by an isolated power amplifier, and the partial motor of the laser scanning galvanometer is controlled to drive the mirror, deflect it in the required direction, and the light spot will be A very fine track is left under the engraved object, which completes the marking of the desired graphics.
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How to Adjust the Lettering Depth of Laser Marking?
The lettering depth of the laser marking machine can be adjusted to a certain extent, and it can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect according to the requirements of customers. So how to adjust to achieve it?
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Why do You Need to Proof the Product Before Laser Marking Machine Processing?
At present, laser marking machines have processed many products that we use every day. I believe that users who use laser marking machines know that product proofing is carried out before the laser marking machine processes the product, but many users do not know why they need to proof the product.
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Retrofit of CCD Coaxial Vision Positioning Laser Marking Machine
The visual positioning laser marking machine system has three series of coaxial, pseudo-coaxial and paraxial, and the visual positioning range can be designed according to the field lens range, and the precision is optional. Can an ordinary laser marking machine be converted into a CCD visual positioning laser marking machine?
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Laser Marking Machine Application
The laser marking machine is already a household name, do you know what industries and materials it can be used in? Today I will take everyone to find out
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Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup Laser Marking Machine
The fiber laser beam of Shandong Jinan Hanteng Laser is transmitted by optical fiber, and the high-speed movement of the beam is controlled by X, Y scanning mirrors (its speed is more than 3 times that of traditional marking machines), so as to process exquisite patterns.
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How to Increase the Depth of Laser Marking Metal Materials?
The marking depth of the laser marking machine can be adjusted freely, but there are still many people who have first contact with the laser marking machine are not aware of this, and I even found that they are also asking questions:How to adjust the marking depth of the laser marking machine?
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Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine on Smart Mirror
With the further development of the Internet of Things and intelligent interaction, mirrors are not only used to see their appearance clearly. Through the application of intelligent information technology and laser marking technology, mirrors have more abundant functions. People collectively call this type of smart mirror.
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MOPA Fiber Laser Source Marking Color on Stainless Steel
Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, toughness, manufacturability, non-toxicity and clean decoration, and has been widely used in building materials, kitchenware and bathroom, automobiles, decoration, arts and crafts and other fields. Today, the editor will take you to learn about coloring on stainless steel
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3D Laser Marking Machine Of HantenCNC
Welcome to the Chinese laser equipment manufacturer HantenCNC News! Recently, the purchase boom of 3D laser marking machines has swept across. So many friends who don't know much about this machine come to ask me what is a 3D laser marking machine? Today, I will take you to learn about the 3D marking machine of HantenCNC.
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2.5D Laser Marking Machine
The 2.5D laser marking machine, as the name implies, is a new type of laser marking machine that is different from the standard laser marking machine and the 3D laser marking machine. Mainly designed for users with different needs.
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