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These are related to the UV printer china news, in which you can learn about the updated information in UV printer china, to help you better understand and expand UV printer china market. Because the market for UV printer china is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
What Should I Pay Attention to When Printing Acrylic Materials with UV Printers?
When the UV flatbed machine is printing acrylic materials, because of the high density of acrylic, if the corresponding coating is not applied on the surface of the acrylic, the printed picture will fall off as soon as it is scratched, the color adsorption is poor, the printing quality is not ideal, and the color is easy to fade, etc. condition.
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Causes and Solutions of UV Printing Stainless Steel Metal Discoloration
After the UV printer prints stainless steel, the pattern falls off as soon as it is scratched? Does it fade in water? Poor adhesion? Let us tell you the reason
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Choosing a Reliable UV Printer Manufacturer, These 5 Points Are Very Important
In the actual process of purchasing UV printers, users will inevitably have troubles when faced with UV printers of different brands and different appearances on the market. As a purchaser, you need to consider the following factors
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Advantages of HANTEN UVP Printing Mobile Phone Case
Now that the pace of life is developing faster and faster, young mobile phone users will pursue fashion and individuality. Under this background, personalized mobile phone case services have been derived. The common method is to use the mobile phone case color printer to print on the mobile phone case.
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Summary of the Use skills of UV Flatbed Printers
UV printers are now being used more and more, but many customers still worry about damaging the machine inadvertently. So today, the editor summarizes four usage tips, hoping to be helpful to the majority of users
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Storage Method of UV Flatbed Printer Ink
Current UV printers all use UV inks. UV inks are different from other inks. Not only are they not easy to store, but they are also very particular about adding ink to UV printers. Since the storage location and method of UV ink are different from others, how to store it in order to maintain the quality of the ink, prolong its service life, and avoid fires and other hazards? Here is a brief talk with everyone.
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