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These are related to the laser marking machine news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in laser marking machine and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand laser marking machine market.
Do you know the life of the laser marking machine?
Generally speaking, the service life of fiber laser marking machine is usually up to 100,000 hours; the working life of semiconductor laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine is about 10,000 to 20,000 hours; the service life of YAG laser marking machine is about hundreds of hours . In fac
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Leaning the application of UV laser marking machine
Many designers now use various tools to paint on glass to add color to glass products. Ultraviolet laser marking machine surpasses traditional processing and makes up for various shortcomings such as low processing accuracy, difficulty in drawing, damage to workpieces, and environmental pollution. W
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High precision 3D fiber laser marking machine
3D laser marking is a laser surface depression processing method. Compared with traditional 2D laser marking, 3D marking has greatly reduced the surface flatness requirements of the processed object, and the processing effects are more colorful. More creative processing technology came into being.
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Stainless steel laser cutting, do this, completely solve the "burr" problem
Stainless steel products are widely used in the market, and the stainless steel laser cutting process is also widely used. The laser cutting process has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good flexibility, strong processing ability, and wide cutting range. But there are also some technological pr
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Application of fiber laser marking machine to diamond ring bracelet
Jinan HanTenCNC laser marking machine has become a classic choice for lovers to engrave diamond rings and cast unique love. Nowadays, many jewelry stores have launched ring and jewelry lettering services to meet everyone's needs, and personal customization has become the first choice. Every couple h
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Can laser marking machine print logo pictures?
Laser marking machine marking logo picture tutorial, operation tutorial and LOGO trademark picture printing tutorial. For the laser marking machine tutorial, I will explain the operation steps and tutorials of the laser marking machine to mark the logo picture. Generally, there are two operating met
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Jewelry laser marking machine brings a different sense of sophistication
The laser marking machine uses a high-energy laser beam to evaporate the surface layer of the material, exposing its deep material, causing it to undergo chemical and physical changes to etch the desired pattern and text, forming a permanent mark, and the content is not limited, patterns, characters
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What materials can CCD vision laser marking machine mark?
CCD visual positioning laser marking machine is very suitable for small parts and products that need to be marked in different directions, and it is also suitable for large products where manual feeding is inconvenient.
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Application advantages of laser marking on cables
With the continuous development and growth of many emerging fields, the demand for cables is gradually increasing, and the cost of inkjet printer consumables used for marking is high. The environment is generally exposed to the air or buried in the ground, so the ink-jet coding marks are often worn
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How to increase the speed of laser marking?
1. During the use of the laser marking machine, the built-in settings of the machine itself are the main internal factors. Among them, the laser frequency, laser power, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, reasonable optical shaping and auxiliary gases and substances during processing, have so
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Can the laser marking machine print photos?
Taking photos with mobile phones has become commonplace, and everyone wants to mark their precious photos forever. For example, on mobile phone cases, the surface of some souvenirs, etc., many people have questions: Can the laser marking machine print photos?It is possible to mark photos with laser
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Working principle and application scope of UV laser marking machine
First of all, HanTenCNC UV laser marking machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, small heat affected area, fine marking spot, and high yield rate. It is suitable for fine marking of various metal and non-metal materials, such as electronic components, plastics, leather, wood, etc high-pre
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What laser marking machine is used to mark wood?
Can a laser marking machine mark on wood? Which laser marking machine is suitable for marking on wood? For this question, HanTenCNC laser professional engineers will answer you, you can use fiber marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, UV marking machine! But not every machine can m
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Jewelry laser marking machine, let you show individuality and exquisite art
Jewelry now generally refers to a series of ornaments such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., which are processed by precious metals.It is very difficult to engrave on jewelry according to the previous method, and the engraved handwriting is very "ugly". Nowadays, the jewelry laser marking machin
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What laser marking machine is suitable for marking PVC materials?
PVC is actually a vinyl polymer material, and its material is an amorphous material. Due to its unique molecular structure, PVC has strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. PVC can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC, and its application is very wide, from mineral water b
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Take you to understand MOPA laser marking machine
MOPA laser marking machine is a marking equipment using MOPA (adjustable pulse width) fiber laser. It has good pulse shape control ability. Compared with Q-switched fiber laser, MOPA fiber laser pulse frequency and pulse width are independently controllable. Through the adjustment and matching of tw
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About the use of HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine
Under the normal operation of HANTENCNC fiber laser marking machine, the clarity of the printed pictures is still very good. If we want to ensure the daily marking effect, the basic work must be done well. If in the process of using our HANTENCNC marking machine, it is found that the printed pattern
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Application of Laser Marking Machine in Maternal and Infant Industry
Due to the particularity of the maternal and infant products industry, people have high requirements for the quality and safety of maternal and infant products. With the characteristics of high precision and no pollution, laser marking machines have become the darling of marking products for women and children.
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4 Factors Affecting the Stability of Laser Marking Machine
When we choose a laser marking machine, the first consideration is whether the performance of the laser marking machine is stable, and the stable performance of the laser marking machine is very important and affects the continuity of industrial production.
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Laser Marking Machine Marking Table Tennis Racket
A racket is to table tennis lovers what a sushi knife is to a sushi chef. Every table tennis lover will want to have a custom racket that is unique to them. The emergence of laser marking technology has fulfilled the wishes of enthusiasts, as long as the patterns and characters are drawn, under the control of the computer, the laser marking machine can print various graphics, characters and symbols on the table tennis racket, and the operation is very convenient.
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